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TSWi Launches Her First Ever Cohort For Female Entrepreneurs.

If you've ever had a mind to attend business school but don't have the means to do so or you've desired a hub where you can network with like-minded professionals in your industry or other industries for knowledge exchange, motivation or to connect with suppliers/potential customers, look no further!

We believe female entrepreneurs deserve all the knowledge and support they can get to enable them smoothly run/operate their businesses both locally and internationally. This is exactly why we have put together this mini business school to provide the much needed knowledge and connection to help female entrepreneurs reach their personal & business goals!

Managing a business - whether it's a startup or a takeover, can be very demanding, so is getting connected to the right network of people who may need your services or have something you desire.

The cohort is endorsed by the Bled School of Management and is specifically targeted at female-owned businesses. It will feature renown professionals & faculties from across the globe. Subjects include accounting, finance management, investment concepts, leadership, people management & culture, real estate management, hospitality/hotel/service management and beginner-courses on Artificial intelligence & 3-D Printing.

For this pilot cohort, we will only accept a limited number of students as we would like the sessions to be as up close and personal as possible with the professors, this will also aid grouping attendees for the final project work.

Receiving of applications will occur between 1 - 31 of March, 2021. All applications will be reviewed by a panel of professionals after which

successful candidates will be contacted and prepped for the startup of the sessions in June 2021.

How to apply?

Simple! Once application opens, go to our "events" page to apply. Once done, kick back, relax and wait to be contacted with the outcome of your application.

We cannot wait to start receiving your applications come March 2021 and to eventually host you in June when the sessions start!

Feel free to drop a questions in the comments below or reach out to us via email or phone calls.

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Fantastic... Excited about this already


Chi Emuchay
Chi Emuchay
Feb 23, 2021

This is a great initiative! Awesome!


I can't wait...

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