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Senator Nina Turner

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A defining political icon, Nina Turner is an impassioned motivational speaker, cable news commentator, former professor of African American history and a self-proclaimed “hell-raising humanitarian.” A woman who is on a mission to make the world a better place, she has built a massive following across multiple platforms, including her recently launched “Hello Somebody” podcast which within the first month of broadcast had over 30,000 listeners.


The first of seven children born to teen parents, Turner is deeply committed to public service and understood early on how she could use her voice politically to effect change and help those in need. Impressively, Turner served as a state senator from Ohio, a national co-chair of the Bernie Sanders 2020 presidential campaign, and a national surrogate for Bernie Sanders during the 2016 Democratic presidential primary. Committed to doing her part to move the nation forward, Turner previously campaigned as the Democratic nominee for Ohio Secretary of State in 2014, served as co-chair of the Ohio Democratic Party, and served on the Cleveland City Council.


She took her work national when she helmed the grassroots political entity, Our Revolution, from 2017 through 2019. In this capacity, she traveled the country supporting progressive candidates and championing progressive policies; policies that advance solutions to the problems facing working class, poor and African American people.


Laser-focused on doing good for as many people as possible, Turner has always been willing to engage with anyone so long as they are committed to the public good. She understands that politics should never be an impediment to public service. In addition to working collaboratively within her party, she sought to find common ground with Republicans and Independents as a state Senator. This was a rare find in a state like Ohio, which can be characterized as a bastion of partisan politics.


In a testament to her commitment to service before politics, Turner was able to build an alliance with former Ohio Gov. John Kasich. Kasich invited her to serve on Ohio’s Taskforce on Community-Police Relations, an initiative to address tensions and forge stronger relationships between the community and law enforcement. The two recently authored an opinion essay for CNN, outlining their work to improve policing in Ohio, and offering hope to a nation battered by uprisings following fatal police shootings of African Americans such as Breonna Taylor, Toni McDade, Atatiana Jefferson, Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd.


Even with her significant political experience, Turner’s true gift is oratory. Seeming to channel the spirit of civil rights and abolitionist leaders, she is the Shirley Chisholm of our time. Whether speaking before tens of thousands or groups of ten, Nina commands the attention of people from all walks and passionately inspires audiences to consider that which is right, rather than that which is politically expedient. With every speech, within each public appearance, her goal is to raise the political consciousness of the nation, to motivate Americans to see one another’s humanity and to pursue justice, at all times and for all people.


In 2011, The Nation Magazine named her “Most Valuable State Senator,” and in 2014, The Root listed her as one of the top 100 most influential African Americans in the U.S. In 2015, Cleveland’s Inside Business Magazine recognized her as one of the top 25 most powerful people in Northeast Ohio. Significantly, she was among a select group of leaders featured on Politico Playbook’s Power List as “18 to watch in 2018.” Turner was also cast on the season premiere of the cable network, CW’s “Black Lightning” television show. She played herself in the episode.


As a well-sought political commentator, Turner has appeared on numerous national television and radio shows, such as “Meet The Press,” “HBO’s RealTime with Bill Maher,” Comedy Central’s “The President’s Show,” “Democracy Now,” the “Rickey Smiley Morning Show,” “The Breakfast Club,” ” and the “Thom Hartmann Radio Show.” Turner has also been featured in leading print and online publications such as Blavity, Politico, Essence Magazine, Vanity Fair, The Hill, The Afro American and more.

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Our  Speakers

Rev. Laurie Idahosa


Rev. Mrs. Laurie Whetstone- Idahosa was born in Wilmington, Delaware, USA to Rev. Dr. Gary and Rev. Mrs. Faye Whetstone. She married Bishop F.E. Benson Idahosa in 2002 and is a mother of three sons, Feb Jr., Nathaniel, and Judah.

Laurie Idahosa is the co-founder of Nathan American Academy and Big Ben's Children's Hospital in Benin City, Nigeria. She is also the Director of Campus Life in Benson Idahosa University.


Laurie became a Reverend at the age of 18 and served as a Pastor for over a decade with Victory Christian Fellowship in New Castle, DE. After moving to Nigeria, she became the Senior Pastor of CGMI Church Unusual where she served for 7 years. She is currently the Lead Pastor at Victory Christian Fellowship in New Castle, Delaware.


Laurie is a sought-after speaker, coach, and influencer. She is a brand ambassador and recently dabbled in modeling in Dubai and acting in Nigeria.


She has authored three books titled “Every Woman’s Journey” (2014), “Laurie Prays” (2017), and "Laurie's 22" (2018). Laurie Idahosa is the author of a life-transforming blog found at and has contributed articles to numerous publications.

She has won numerous awards for her humanitarian work most especially with IDPs and youth. She continues to mentor thousands daily via her social media handles @Idahosalaurie.

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