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According to UNESCO world statistics, about 68% of adult female Nigerian women have 0-minimal education. Considering how women as home builders are consequently nation builders, an uneducated woman is pretty much going to pass down her shortage of "education" and perspective of "self" to the next generation and this stat does put the ripple effect in perspective doesn't it? We may not be able to adequately educate every young woman but we do plan to empower, develop and build as many as we possibly can via skills impartation, our new cohort scheme and our annual conferences. You can be part of TSWi either by applying to learn a skill or to attend the cohorts, by volunteering, supporting a young lady by covering her trainings and mentorship or by sponsoring the cohorts.


Let's Make A Change

Here are some ways you can contribute:



Need to learn a skill? Email us.

Own a business & want to attend the cohort? Click here

Volunteer with us

We have a whole lot going on & need volunteers from time to time.

Send us an email to get started.

Support a young lady

Cover the training, logistics & mentorship costs for a young lady.

Click here

Sponsor the cohorts

We're building a conglomerate of female owned businesses.

Click here to partner with us on this venture!

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