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Conference 2021 Speakers

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Political Icon

Ohio, USA

A defining political icon, Nina Turner is an impassioned motivational speaker, cable news commentator, former professor of African American history, and a self-proclaimed “hell-raising humanitarian.” A woman who is on a mission to make the world a better place, she has built a massive following across multiple platforms, including her recently launched “Hello Somebody” podcast which within the first month of broadcast had over 30,000 listeners.


At the conference, Nina will be speaking on "The Wheels of Governance"; a talk that will detail easy steps on how to manage self-leadership across all ramifications of life.


Director of Campus Life

B.I.U, Nigeria

Laurie is currently the Director of Campus Life Division and a member of Executive Management at Benson Idahosa University. Along with her husband, she founded “Big Ben Children's Hospital” Benin City in 2008, and in 2013, she pioneered a thriving nursery and elementary school, Nathan American Academy (Benin City).


At the conference, she will be speaking (fire-chat style) about self-leadership from a personal standpoint and will be answering all questions related to the topic.


Founder, TSWi.

Founder/CEO, The Maximalist Resources

Lohi is dedicated to women empowerment and inclusivity. She is also passionate about Digital Marketing, AI, SMEs and HR consultancy.


At the conference, she'll be welcoming you warmly and hosting the event alongside other TSWi team members.

Meet the facilitators
of our first ever cohort;

Danica Purg2020_cropped.jpg

President, IEDC Bled School of Management, Slovenia.

President, CEEMAN, Europe

She is professor of leadership & effective management at IEDC as well as the President of CEEMAN, Europe. She has won countless awards for many outstanding achievements and will be teaching on leadership/management at the cohort.

Odi Okundaye.jpg

Odi Okundaye

Director of Administration, CGMi Global

Currently the director of administration at CGMi Global, Odi is a finance and investment expert who has led and managed change in diverse dynamic settings including banking and other financial institutions. At the cohort, he will be teaching on finance, diversification & investment.


Global Growth Manager, Seedstars.

Lead, WomenWill Lekki

Peace is arguably one of the top shakers, movers & innovators currently reshaping branding, digital marketing & growth as of today! At the cohort, she will be teaching on digital marketing - how to grow your brand!

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Founder, TSWi.

Founder/CEO, The Maximalist Resources

Lohi is dedicated to women empowerment and inclusivity. She is also passionate about Digital Marketing, AI, SMEs and HR consultancy. At the cohort, she'll be speaking on AI and it's influence on SMEs as well as anticipated changes.

Tari H1_1.jpg

Member, Board of Regents, BIU.

Director, ENDIP UK/Nigeria

Tari is an all-rounder, with a vested interest in human capacity development. He is a life coach, tutor, mentor and nation builder. At the cohort, he will be teaching on all things e-commerce.


Director of Restaurants, Marriott International

Karen is the pro you need to listen to if you are starting out or are currently in the hospitality industry! With well over 20 years in the scene, she knows the ins-and-outs of this road. At the cohort, she will be sharing details on this.

Terry - for bio Cropped  IMG_6979.jpg

Group CFO, Comtrade Group

Terry Curtis is a C-Level finance executive with a diverse skillset and industry knowledge complemented by his operations and IT experience. He is your go-to guy for all things strategic and financial planning, reporting and control to get your business books together. At the cohort, he'll be teaching on accounting.

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