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Woman like Sarah; Humanitarian extraordinaire.

Happy new year again and welcome to the 8th episode of our amazing "Woman Like" Series where we spotlight amazing women making remarkable impact out there.

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Today, we'd be e-chatting with a pharmacist turned humanitarian, read up to see how she helps certain categories of people for free.

TSWi: What is RegLiz Heart of Love Foundation?

Sarah: It is a non-profit organization that is located in the southern part of Nigeria. The

organization aims at general and mental health awareness, youth empowerment and

geriatric care. We started in February 2019. So far, we have successful hosted three

annual health awareness conferences with over 300 attendees. At these conferences, we have offered free medical checkups, assisted in allocation of health insurance, training for mental health advocates, training of orphans with workable skills, we’ve equally partnered with other NGO’s to provide and distribute relief items in Nigeria during the peak of the covid-19 pandemic.

TSWi: What/who inspired you to start?

Sarah: The foundation started after the loss of my parents Reginald and Elizabeth Obene in

October 2017 and September 2018 respectively. Both died as a result of medical

complications. The pain of their loss and the circumstances surrounding their death led

to its birth.

TSWi: How do you raise funds for your foundation?

Sarah: Most of the funds are raised through partnerships and free will donations.

TSWi: What are some of the future plans that RegLiz is making?

Sarah: 24/7 Counseling for patients with mental health challenge and abuse. Working together with a team of counselors.

TSWi: In your own opinion, generally, what are some of the challenges with youth


Sarah: Limited resources, not having enough trainers or training resources for programs. Not

enough practice tools after training programs so they end up with just head knowledge.

"...I want people to know that it is okay to not be okay...."

Gurl! Thanks for taking the weirdness off of that feeling, got us all:

TSWi: What do you think are some of the challenges faced by marginalized youth groups? What one recommendation would you give to combat this?

Sarah: Most youth groups do not have access to available resources and are sometimes denied professional opportunities. I believe in the power of one. I recommend the formation of a body that protects the interest and rights of youth groups.

TSWi: Like you mentioned earlier, one aspect that RegLiz covers is geriatric care; this isn’t

exactly a field that most young people want to work in. Please tell us your unique impact

in this field and how you assess & provide the care needed by elderly people in your


Sarah: One of the challenges the elderly face is the management of their health. Most of them know they do not feel well but cannot say exactly how, some are on medications and

have no solid understanding as to their dosage regimen and indications. We’ve been

able to assist them through one on one counseling as regards to their ailment, drug usage

and carry out follow up.

TSWi: That is very interesting, but looking back to when you started, what is the one thing you wish you did earlier on in the journey?

Sarah: That I started sooner.

TSWi: What advise would you give young people running an NGO?

Sarah: Believe in yourself, believe in your vision, what you are doing matters and is relevant. It will all make sense, so stick with it. Never forget your whys. Stay updated.

TSWi: What is the one thing you “want” right now?

Sarah: For people to know that it is okay to not be okay, that they could talk about it, they could ask for help and do not have to go through it alone. Making therapy a new normal in

Africa, starting with Nigeria.

TSWi: What is your go-to breakfast & dinner?

Sarah: Oh interesting...bread and beverage, really rich beverage for breakfast while fufu and

okra soup for dinner. I usually don’t mind it being heavy I will take it regardless of the

time…all drooling right now :)

TSWi: If you have no option but to get stuck in one “traveler” role for the next 10 years of your life, which would it be: space-traveler, world-traveler or time-traveler.

Sarah: Definitely World traveler… I am curious to know what the other areas and people of this world look and feel like… literally getting butterflies just thinking of it.

TSWi: Most inspiring character or personality for you right now?

Sarah: Would it be too forward to say me? Me, the most inspiring personality for me right now is me.

TSWi: What do you think of TSWi?

Sarah: The Strong Woman Initiative has been one that has empowered young ladies to go for their dreams and be great and I am one of the ladies to benefit from their vision. Looking

forward to this year's conference.

TSWi: Is there something else you would like to put out there? If yes, please tell us.

Sarah: Just to say thank you to the TSWi family and a special appreciation for the founder of this initiative, Lohi.

Sarah D. Obene is an award-winning pharmacist currently licensed to practice in two West African countries.

She is passionate about the wholeness of people and through her profession,

foundation and ministry she gets to fulfill that.

She was born on the 14th of September, 1992 and is the last of four kids. Sarah is big on love, gratitude and grace. Recently, she chooses to be still, take in the view, smell the roses and laugh boisterously.

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