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Woman like Onome; Petrochem Engineer turned passionate event planner!

This is episode 2 on our ongoing "woman like" series. Today, we're all about your number one stop-plug for every & any kind of event, ahzeen, from concepting to realizing? This lady's got you covered! Yo-yo-yooo, wait! Did you just say you don't know what this is about or that you missed last week's edition? Ah, it's all here on our website & on this Instagram post. Yeses! We tag it "bahdest"!

Okay! Now unto the lady with an excellent touch;

Tswi: Thank you for joining us on this series, tell us a bit about yourself;

Onome: My name is Onome Orisejollomi Akeni, from a family of 5. I hail from Rivers State, Nigeria, West Africa. I am a Petrochemical Engineer by discipline, a Professional musician by passion and gifting, I'm also an extremely passionate and skillful event planner.

TSWi: How long have you been in the events artistry, designing & planning industry and how many events have you organized/managed?

Onome: I've been interested and involved in this industry for over 10 years now but started working professionally about 5 years ago. I have designed, planned and managed over 10 weddings, 4 major concerts, diverse forms of conferences, a fashion show and much more.

...most times the client might not know exactly what they want, we only get a few skeletons, then try to add flesh here and there with our creative minds till a delightful event of the client's dream is achieved.

Gurl, it's the "creative minds" for us! Got us like:

TSWi: What was your precise motivation to actually start and what is your scope of coverage?

Onome: It's the need to organize and help people achieve whatever they have in mind; their thoughts and vision on a particular gathering or event. I love when there’s a pattern and schedule to things, I also love for things to be done in an excellent manner. I literally can arrange and set-up empty spaces I find anywhere, any day. At Jollomi Event Planners (JEP), we cover event planning/management, wedding planning, vendor consultancy, consulting for clients on styling and wardrobe management.

TSWi: That's amazing. We'd like to know if you set up events personally or have a team that help with that, also, how do you cope when you have multiple events on the same date?

Onome: I have a a great team of hardworking people who help to ensure each job is efficiently carried out. This makes coping with multiple events easy.

Depending on the occasion, sometimes I personally set up an event, at other times, I work with the team.

TSWi: How do you develop concepts, especially in cases where the celebrants or clients don’t know what they want?

Onome: Well, that’s where I and my team's creative minds come into play, since most times the client might not know exactly what they want, we only get a few skeletons, then try to add flesh here and there with our creative minds till a delightful event of the client's dream is achieved. This process also helps us as a team to expand our minds.

TSWi: Have you ever done international events?

Onome: Yes I have, it was a wedding and it was highly tasking but we delivered on it.

TSWi: Do you have a set price or you work with the client’s budget and what was the least budget (seemingly impossible) you worked with? What recommendations did you give to help the client maximize their budget however low?

Onome: I have a set price for my consultation but I definitely work with my client's budget however stated. I vividly remember a client that wanted to have a wedding with NGN500,000. This price was budgeted for both white and traditional weddings and I was shocked as this was imaginatively impossible. So I suggested that the traditional wedding be done low-key and the white wedding with food in take-away plates - no fanfare reception. Suffice to say, it turned out smooth and the couple were happy with the outcome.

TSWi: Do you do decors on your own or you have a vendor(s) for that & how do you coordinate with those vendors to create the dream events of your client?

Onome: I have vendors I consult with to bring every client's dream to reality.

TSWi: If there was one thing you could change, what would that be and what are some lessons you’ve learnt from working with people and in their events?

Onome: Nothing at all because I believe my journey from start until now has enabled my capacity for every next level, I only hope to get better skillfully and expand my knowledge on event management. While working with people & on events, I've learned patience, humility and the importance of building great relationships.

TSWi: What has your association with TSWi been like?

Onome: TSWI has always been about capacity building for the young female and I have learnt a lot from my participation in all their sessions and activities.

Onome Orisejollomi Akeni is the best event planner and plug anyone looking to have an event of their dreams can work with. She's looking forward to working with you to bring your wildest event-dream to reality.

The JEP team can be reached via IG/FB/TW on this handle - @jollomieventplanners. If you'd rather call, use - +2348127031278

Are you a female business owner/manager?....Maybe not, do you know one? Don't you think they deserve this kind of attention? It's real easy to get them on our list, comment on this post or reach out to us via email or social media & boom-chaka-laka! We'd reach out to them and schedule the discussion.

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