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Premier Cohort done! And, It's The Feedback For Us :)

We recently just concluded our premier cohort.

***que drum roll and resounding fanfare!!!***


The month of June saw us hosting over 20 amazing female entrepreneurs from at least 3 African countries on our first-ever cohort, held virtually. The event featured a total of seven courses taught by 7 renown professionals and experts from the United states, Nigeria and Europe.

Are you a female business owner, entrepreneur or manager who'd like to attend the cohort next year? You're in the right place, click here to pre-register. Once full-on registrations start, you will be first to know!

Subjects covered at the just concluded cohort with very hands-on and practical examples included;

  • Accounting for investor recruitment, taught by Terry Curtis, Group CFO at Comtrade Group. Terry is a high-level finance expert with years of experience in company restructuring, start-ups, mergers & acquisition, investor recruitment and divisional GM roles. He brought all of these experience to bear when he taught his session by detailing how to build and manage your records to get investors! This was one of the most acclaimed sessions of the cohort.

  • Finance management & diversification, instructed by Odi Okundaye, Director of Administration at CGMi Global. Apart from being an international authority in international trade & credits, investment banking & corporate development, Odi has extensive experience in wealth management. His session was all about creating & managing wealth, with diversifying investment portfolio for you as an individual & for your business.

  • Karen Kaltsunas, Director of Restaurants at the Marriott International and has over 40 years of experience in the hospitality industry, gave an overview of skills and ethics needed to scale the hospitality industry. Attendees confirmed that the points delivered were very essential for all industries.

  • Digital Marketing & brand management is key to success in today's business playing field. Peace Itimi, renown as growth & marketing expert as well as an instructor at Udemy skillfully & tactically handled this course while giving core secrets to digital marketing and branding for business growth.

  • If your business isn't online, you're missing out on a whole world of possible income. This was the crux of Tari H. Ekiyor's talk on E-commerce for Business management. Tari is a member of the board of regents at BIU & also Director at ENDIP Nigeria/UK.

  • Lohi Omo-Ezomo is both founder of TSWi, The maximalist resources, and the Snr Manager of Marketing & Strategic Business Development at Comtrade Group, a tech firm that is forward thinking & futuristic. As a result of her experience, work and close collaborations with AI professionals, her talk during the cohort was centered on AI tools available for use by SMEs. The session was an eye-opening one as most attendees were hearing of these tools & how to maximize them for the first time.

  • Danica Purg is President at IEDC Bled school of management, she has over 30 years of leadership experience - who better to handle a course on the Art of Leadership and the importance of networking?

Project, project, project!

Another essential part of the cohort was the team project work; content were created, developed and designed by teams. Each team was mentored by one of the seven lecturers (see above bullet points) and assisted by at least one member of teamTSWi. The assistants helped their team(s) with timelines, resource gathering & with scheduling meetings with mentors. The solutions and creative resources developed by the teams were just simply amazing!

Interested in collaborating with alumnis of our cohort or reviewing the resources, solutions & content they created in the course of their project work? Send us an email.

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