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Conference 2021 speakers announced!!!

Relevant content is queen! It's why we carefully and deliberately ensure our conference speakers are seasoned & top-notch, which ultimately equals seasoned & top-notch content that is RELEVANT to attendees today & tomorrow!

We are super delighted to announce our speakers for conference 2021 - Senator Nina Turner & Rev. Laurie Idahosa. They will both give flesh to the theme of the conference; The Wheels of Governance. These amazing ladies have talks/chats prepared that will flow from their hearts, and you do not want to miss it.

We take great care when it comes to speaker confirmations for our annual conference, this year is no different. Sen Nina Turner and Rev. Laurie Idahosa are seasoned and experienced leaders, aka, the exact duo you should be listening to come 4th December 2021!


Gurl...on the subject of self-leadership, which happens to be the crux of this year's theme, there is no better pair aptly equipped to do justice to the subject than Sen. Nina & Rev. Laurie!

Transformation comes via mind renewal. Mind renewal comes via hearing and seeing. So what you see and who you hear will play a major role in the renewal of your mind and subsequently, the shaping of your attitude/disposition. It's why TSWi ensures that content shared at our conferences are top-notch, and this year's conference is already poised to be impactful thanks to our speakers!

To learn more about the conference, visit this post.

Registration (free of charge) is still on. Stay up-to-date by following us on IG - @tswiofficial and FB - @tswiofficial.

If you're a hashtag person, here's your thing - #tswiannualconference #tswi #december2021.

We cannot wait to host you at this year's conference sis :)

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