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Let The Countdown Begin!!!

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

If you've ever attended our conferences, then this line is for you; "if you know, you know!", if you haven't ever been to any of our conferences, then now is a good time to get set to join the hood at the most effectual, impactful and knowledge based ladies-only conference there is! Did we mention registration and attendance (like all-things-TSWi) is FREE of charge?! Oh honey, it is indeed FREE!!!

We have come a long way as a family of ladies. We started this journey in December 2015, the goal? Simple - train, mentor and empower young ladies for free. Did we have all the resources available to effectively do this at the time? Nope! Nope!! And an even louder NOOOOOOOPE! lol, but we were pretty clear on what had to be done and what we needed, however, we decided to start with a conference. We rallied round renown professionals with a voice in their field and somehow they agreed to speak at the conference! Every year since then, we've gathered young ladies from different walks of life under the same roof to learn, share, network, receive awards/grants, and even exhibit/sell their products!

Girl, to say we knew how well things would go for TSWi would be an overstatement, but we're glad and grateful to God for the growth, the pace, and especially for the community of ladies we've built. We're like 6 years old! We just screamed for joy! Hahahaha! Whoop!!!

Our amazing community of strong women include ladies we've trained and mentored, those who simply wanted to learn or expand their networks and those who just came to see what we were about. Whatever they came for, they always came back for subsequent events, and we're glad for it! Ps, We could go on-and-on-and-on about our story but this post isn't about that, its about this year's conference:

About TSWi Conference 2021 - The Wheels of Governance;

What does that even mean and why that and why now? Truth is, from time immemorial, we've always and still do live in a world of seasons and each season is governed by people who can sense the tide of the season before or during that season...preferably, not after. People who will make difficult choices to handle things, lead and be examples then adeptly follow through on those decisions by working them out consistently and deliberately no matter how hard things may get. What does this require?

  1. A keen observatory eye for today & the future.

  2. Full attention & focus to plan & follow through.

  3. Multi-tasking ability; to not regret the past, be able to live in & enjoy the moment, while planning and preparing carefully for the future.

  4. Making sure you're coaching, because you want to raise a community of people making cute impacts like yourself.

  5. Getting the hands of the ones being coached or the ones just simply around you on deck! Distribute task, let everyone work too.

  6. Tangles (difficulties or frictions) will happen, meticulously untangle them. Carefully sort out and pick battles or tasks on which you expend energy, remember, you're on this ride for today & tomorrow, that's a lot of energy requirement hun (brain & etc), so you don't want to be investing too much energy where you shouldn't even spend any and then be very drained where you need much energy.

This year's conference will hold on December 4th. To make things more vivid, our founder will share on the above points in detail. We will also be having a key speaker and a round table discussion. This is indeed THE conference you do not want to miss!

Registration (free of charge) will run for 1 month only, so we recommend you follow us on IG - @tswiofficial/FB - @tswiofficial to get notified once that process begins, or you could RSVP now, do that here. Conference attendance is also free.

If you're a hashtag person, here's your thing - #tswiannualconference #tswi #december2021. We cannot wait to host you at this year's conference sis :)

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