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Registration for conference 2021 is on!!!

We hate to blow our own trumpet but nobody can effectively do it like we can :D so here goes; The most anticipated, most content rich, most amazing annual conference for women will be live on the 4th of December 2021!

Like all things TSWi, registration, access and attendance to this year's conference is FREE OF CHARGE! And yes sis, you can bank on the fact that quality and impact will be top-notch as always.


Girl, if you ever have to put another lady under peer-pressure, let it strictly be about attending our annual conference!

At this year's conference like always, we will learn, uplift, inspire, teach, laugh, network and gather fire for dayssss! It's what we're about at TSWi - helping you become your best self. So come prepared for these and above all to leave refreshed and with a new friend.

To learn more about the conference, visit this post.

Registration (free of charge) will run for 3 weeks only. Speaker info and other details will be live soon, so we recommend following us on IG - @tswiofficial and FB - @tswiofficial to get notified and to help you prepare.

If you're a hashtag person, here's your thing - #tswiannualconference #tswi #december2021.

We cannot wait to host you at this year's conference sis :)

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