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Woman like Albright; The 'she' pro immersive experience developer & Industrial Product designer;

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

The "woman like series" is on episode 3! In case you're still a JJC to this whole "WLS" thingy, just click the news tab on this website &/or view this Instagram post to get updated asap!

Ps, we love us a lady in tech :)

Huh? Did you just say you do too? Purfekt!!! How about a complete-the-sentence moment with Albright then;

The first thing I do in the morning is...whisper a word of thanks to God for the new day.

I would never leave home earpiece (with my phone of course). I love listening to music or a podcast while I go about my day.

My staple clothing item is...totally dependent on the occasion, but you will mostly find me wearing a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers. I love comfy fashion.

The one thing I’ll let myself splurge gadgets/software for design. I invest a lot in my skills but at certain times in the year, I go on a shopping spree to spoil myself a little.

If I had to describe my personal design style in one word it would be..."eccentric".

"...I major in immersive experience development & Industrial Product Design for technology, art & fashion brands. My other areas of expertise are virtual world design, XR branding strategy, virtual fashion design, creative concept gamification & trans-media storytelling."

Hooooo gurl!!! Thisssssss!!! Got us like:

The best thing about Industrial Product Design is...when it gets to the end user, they actually enjoy the digital/physical product. What gives me fulfilment though, is actually meeting the needs of the end user.

My favorite business mentor is...Onyinye Enyioha. He has played a significant role in helping me see the bigger picture of successfully running my business.

Some great designers that inspire me are...Andrew Price for 3D modelling and scene rendering, Zoe Hong fashion illustration tips and The Fashion Indie for 3D fashion design.

When it comes to branding through VR...people don’t realize that they get to own their very own digital room (or universe) that can help them showcase their products. The best part is that their digital space can always be renovated to their taste for the viewing and purchasing pleasure of over 800,000 people all over the world who own virtual reality devices.

My guilty pleasure is...Chocolate - Hershey's, it is always a cheat day for that one.

The most exciting person I’ve ever met is...Yemi Scott, she is a burst of positive

energy that always keeps giving.

One person I’d love to meet would have to be...Oprah, her simple demeanor and heart

to help people be the best version of themselves resonates with me. I would love to meet her someday.

The last thing I googled was..."Is Ludo an Olympic Game?" :)

The hardest thing about running your own business/company is...Immersive

technology is relatively new in this part of the world. The challenge is first getting people to understand and have these experiences for themselves before dishing out my services. Like they say, “preach value first”.

The best thing about being an entrepreneur is...I get to meet lots of interesting people. It

shapes and improves my perspective on different personalities.

I stay focused by...keeping a to-do list and setting an hour, minimum, per important tasks.

My work ethic is...optimal delivery. It is important for me to deliver as promised and I try to do so with a sprinkle of the WOW effect every time.

My favourite place to travel is...home.

The best thing about being a female business owner is...that it is easy to do the

unexpectable, especially for people who are gender focused and may be biased in their

expectations of your service delivery. It leaves them dazzled.

One thing I’ve never done but would love to do host training sessions for kids and

youths on Design and Immersive Technologies.

The greatest life advice I’ve ever received was..."Albright, I really believe that you are

called for something great to the Glory of God. Trust God and keep being you, the world will

know your name." - Dad.

My Impression of TSWi is...that TSWi presents opportunities for women to connect, be heard and be able to make bold strides in life.

Albright Tejiri Onodje is a multi-passionate creative and an entrepreneur who is passionate about helping businesses connect with their audience through design and tech. She has a first degree in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Benin, Nigeria, works full-time as a Field Engineer in Schlumberger, is the Founder/Creative Director of The Albright Tejiri Atelier & Creative Director of LaninB, an E-magazine.

For fun, she loves reading, watching movies, listening to music, and a relaxing get-away with family and friends. To contact Albright/LaninB, visit -, @albrighttejiriatelier @laninb @atvstech or connect with Albright on LinkedIn.

Are you a female business owner/manager?....Maybe not, do you know one? Don't you think they deserve this kind of attention? It's real easy to get them on our list, comment on this post or reach out to us via email or social media & boom-chaka-laka! We'd reach out to them and schedule the discussion.

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