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Woman like Uche; The musicologist building a community of women who put thought to their look;

Episode 4 is all about the shoes lady!

Dunno what we're talking about per "WLS"? Just click the news tab on this website &/or view this Instagram post to get updated!

Truth is, we can't begin to imagine what life would be like without GOOD shoes, it's exactly why a chat with Uche is so on point;

My mission at the outset was…to take shopping stress off people, because I love and enjoy shopping so I wanted to do it for anyone who cared.

I got the idea/concept for my business when…I noticed I receive lots and lots of compliments about the shoes I wear and how I style them.

I chose this line of business because…it’s fulfilling and I do it with ease.

Besides shoes, I'm also…a musicologist.

But the unique thing about shoes is…that they give you the lift needed for any & every look.

"...My least favorite things about owning and running a business are the disappointments, goods not arriving as at when due, and content creation..."

Ugh Gurl! You have spoken some true facts for every SME owner worldwide! Got us all:

A day-in-the-life of Uche consists of…bathing and dressing up my 5-months old son Ivan, preparing breakfast for the family, updating my TL and replying DMs on my business page, tuck in Ivan, have lunch, play with Ivan, watch some TV, prepare dinner while I am listening to music through it all.

What I enjoy most about my business….is the feedback from customers, making profit and knowing that hard work pays too.

My least favorite parts about owning/running a business are…disappointments, goods not arriving as at when due, content creation.

Looking back to my starting point, I would do…my stocking differently.

Besides money, my favorite way to compensate people is…exchanging products (pertaining to business), otherwise, for me personally, it’s food, I like to offer food to people.

My ideal path to take in moving someone from customer to loyal customer is…Listening to them.

In my opinion, TSWi is…a beacon of light to women following through with their purpose.

The most interesting person I've met yet is…my husband

If I could choose a place to travel to today, it will have to be…Seychelles, because...a girl needs a break!

I would like people to remember me & my company by…Integrity, quality and affordability.

Uche Esosa is the CEO and founder of DRESSED UP FEET; A Ladies shoe shop that is fast becoming a community of women who put thought to their look and know where to shop the best shoes.

The Deltan born has a passion for excellence; She is a trained musicologist and a project manager with business acumen that spans over 4-years.

Uche is married to her beau, Esosa Favour O and they are blessed with a son, Ivan.

Are you a female business owner/manager?....Maybe not, do you know one? Don't you think they deserve this kind of attention? It's real easy to get them on our list, comment on this post or reach out to us via email or social media & boom-chaka-laka! We'd reach out to them and schedule the chat.

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